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Single Dad Aid: About Us:

Single Dad Aid is a free open forum that leverages experience and/or wisdom from single dads to help other single dads. Single Dad Aid is neither an expert nor an authority, simply an open space where one can help another by sharing.

We (Single Dad Aid) are single dads ourselves (by divorce, death, etc.) with issues like yours (if not greater) with very little support from others OR FROM SOCIETY AS A WHOLE . In our situations, the word "Help" is synonymous with "lawyer, babysitter, or real estate agent"...and that is unacceptable in our opinion! We want to better ourselves for the most precious thing in our lives: passing on our love, wisdom, and happiness to our children.

Our average follower will be one who knows the pain of losing a spouse for any reason and having the challenges of either sharing in the parenting of a child (children) or taking on the full role. Our challenges can stem from different places with different faces: Society, Family, Work, Ex-spouses, laws, police, courts, Religious Bodies, Financial Institutions, etc.

Our average follower believes that giving his child the best upbringing he possibly can is non-negotiable and first on our list. We care NOT to allow our issues touch our child in any way, shape or form. We want to give away all the love, understanding, friendship, parenting, wisdom, happiness, joy, etc. we can in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.

Our average follower is one that is ready to share in an honest fashion. Share the tricks, miracles, troublesome times, neat stories, issues, pain, joy, love, loss and growth he's experienced with the soul purpose to help another which will in turn help himself!!

Wealth, Race, Age or Creed deems an unnecessary attribute to our goal. Pure Wisdom and Experience is a proven solution to many daily issues and become the best father you can be. A bigger home, nicer car, or a job title will never do the trick! A constant diet of wisdom will prove success to any father in our opinion.

We care not about pop-psychology or arm chair advice on TV which is lackluster at best in our opinion.   We merely rely on wisdom from those who have faced challenges we are currently in or about to endure, what they felt, how they handled it, and what the end result was.

We are Spiritual in nature and with that, we do believe some Power is in control.  For the betterment of this forum, please keep religious views to yourself.

To end, we hope you will share your experiences with honesty, maybe help a single dad with a problem you've already gone through....and be the best single dad on this earth!!


This is a free site HOWEVER if you can give, it would be appreciated to keep this movement going!

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